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MASS Labs develops solutions that in an integrated way bring intelligence in the automation, differentiating itself by the market for the treatment of data of the terrestrial transport of passengers. Through these solutions you can achieve cost savings, loss reduction, diversion, fraud, but above all a better understanding of the operation as a whole, making MASS Labs a benchmark in on-board electronic billing.

17% por ano

17% increase in the issuance of electronically issued tickets annually


MASS Labs supports in the diverse ways of conducting the business of its clients.

Our systems do not depend on the infrastructure installed in the client, so they can be used by small, medium and large passenger transport companies.

The information generated by the equipment is sent through the internet and can be consulted by our management system that already has reports and graphs necessary for a complete operational administration of the client.

The replacement of the current validators by smartphone with NFC technology (Near Field Communication) and applications that execute the collection of credits by the trip.

This same smartphone collects GPS information to track the transportation vehicle route. Subsequently the information can be queries by the end user (passenger).


The system for control and Passenger Transport , consolidates all information related to boarding agencies, road and embarkation points, capturing them through the operational applications and other equipment.

We deliver strategic information to our customers, supporting the reduction of costs and operation for the transport bussiness.


MASS Labs provides an environment on the internet so that transport users can consult their credits and integrations between the lines.

Ease, efficiency and end-user value delivery are key words in this process.


By transforming a SmartPhone into a Bluetooth travel validator integrated into the ratchet, MASS Labs simplifies and reduces operator costs. The validator already has integrated access to the internet and GPS, performing all the control of cards, credits and passes.

We operate in this model in smaller cities, where the territory is not yet dominated by large companies of this branch.


PAF Online communicates with the fiscal printer by monitoring and monitoring sales. (Brazilian market only)

More speed, agility and transparency in sales control.

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